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Harry Scotts $159 Winter Dozen Special. Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon. (Choose how many of each)

Harry Scotts Vineyard

Harry Scotts $159 Winter Dozen Special. Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon. (Choose how many of each)

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Be ready for the cooler nights with this delicious box of 6 Harry Scotts Shiraz and 6 Harry Scotts Cabernet Sauvignon. Both delicious and smooth and they are the perfect pairing for the meals we tend to cook this time of year. Here are descriptions and pairing ideas for both:


The Harry Scotts Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 is our most full bodied wine with an earthy, fruit forward character. The finish on this wine makes you melt back into your chair if that is your thing (it is for us). It is our smallest block and it gets great attention throughout the season and it shows as you enjoy this wine. 

The Bannockburn region is a cooler climate so you will get medium, softer tannins and is ready to drink right away and you will be rewarded even more if you hold on to it for a little while. 

We have tried it with a few dishes in the past few weeks and these have been our favourites:

Ribs: A new Sunday favourite of ours. And we think Cab is the best choice for a Sunday. Seems to be a great preparation for a great night's sleep.

Lamb Roast: The combination of Lamb and Rosemary followed by a sip of this Cab hit the spot. And if you so choose, a little mint jelly on the dish or even as something you are smelling as you take a sip just added another little bonus for us. 

Steak (obviously): Bite. Sip. Repeat. 

Spicy Tuna or other Spicy Sushi: this was a surprise for us but we tried it when we ordered from our favourite Japanese restaurant. A sip after a spicy bite seemed to compliment each other really well. 

Salads with nuts added: Having that nutty taste in your mouth as you have a sip of this Cabernet Sauvignon has been a highlight for us over the past few weeks. 


The Harry Scotts Shiraz 2019 is a bold and full bodied wine with flavors of blueberry and blackberry and is stylistically a very smooth, rounded wine. It has a jammy aroma with a deep purply hue. 

Food Pairing Ideas:

A great cheese pairing wine: This is our favourite to bring out with a cheese plate. 

Braised Beef: In the same way this wine seems to melt in your mouth, a slow cooked or braised beef is a great pairing. 

Stews: Duck, lamb and veal stews are matched by this big Shiraz.

Gamey meat Pasta Sauces: A ragu and a glass of the Harry Scotts Shiraz is our favourite pairing.