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Harry Scotts | Shiraz 2019 (Free Shipping)

Harry Scotts

Harry Scotts | Shiraz 2019 (Free Shipping)

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The Harry Scotts Shiraz 2019 is a bold and full bodied wine with flavors of blueberry and blackberry and is stylistically a very smooth, rounded wine. It has a jammy aroma with a deep purply hue. 

Food Pairing Ideas:

A great cheese pairing wine: This is our favourite to bring out with a cheese plate. 

Braised Beef: In the same way this wine seems to melt in your mouth, a slow cooked or braised beef is a great pairing. 

Stews: Duck, lamb and veal stews are matched by this big Shiraz.

Gamey meat Pasta Sauces: A ragu and a glass of the Harry Scotts Shiraz is our favourite pairing.