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The $159 Mixed Dozen Deal. Limited Quantity. Free Delivery.
The $159 Mixed Dozen Deal. Limited Quantity. Free Delivery.
The $159 Mixed Dozen Deal. Limited Quantity. Free Delivery.
The $159 Mixed Dozen Deal. Limited Quantity. Free Delivery.

Harry Scotts

The $159 Mixed Dozen Deal. Limited Quantity. Free Delivery.

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 Harry Scotts Pinot Noir: ($199 a case for Pinot Noir Only. It is our most popular and we have limited quantities remaining. Spoil yourself :))  A fruit forward, medium body wine where you'll be greeted with an earthy and spicy nose. As you taste our wine, you will be met with red currant and berries and even a note of soil that represents our red dirt and limestone vineyard. 

Food Pairing Ideas: Grilled Salmon, Pork Roast, Chicken Breast With Tarragon and goes very well with steak. 

Serving Suggestion: Decanter for 15 minutes before drinking to allow notes to fully form. 

Harry Scotts Pinot Gris: Our Pinot Gris is grown on the morning sun side of the vineyard and that has produced a buttery feel and you will also be greeted with hints of pear, apple and sweet spices that rounds out this fresh wine's character.  

Interesting: Difference between Pinot Gris & Pinot Grigio: They are made from the same grape but the Pinot Gris are more full-bodied, richer, spicier, and more viscous in texture. They also tend to have greater cellaring and ageing potential.

Food Pairing Ideas: Goes very well with spicy food and the richer texture pairs well veal chop, rabbit stew, roast port, chicken casseroles as well as hard cheeses.

Harry Scotts Cabernet Sauvignon: This is our most full bodied wine with an earthy, fruit forward character. The finish on this wine makes you melt back into your chair if that is your thing (it is for us). It is our smallest block and it gets great attention throughout the season and it shows as you enjoy this wine. 

Food Pairing Ideas: We have tried it with a few dishes in the past few weeks and these have been our favourites: Ribs: A new Sunday favourite of ours. And we think Cab is the best choice for a Sunday. Seems to be a great preparation for a great night's sleep. Lamb Roast: The combination of Lamb and Rosemary followed by a sip of this Cab hit the spot. And if you so choose, a little mint jelly on the dish or even as something you are smelling as you take a sip just added another little bonus for us. 

Harry Scotts Shiraz: This is a bold and full bodied wine with flavors of blueberry and blackberry and is stylistically a very smooth, rounded wine. It has a jammy aroma with a deep purply hue. 

Food Pairing Ideas: A great cheese pairing wine: This is our favourite to bring out with a cheese plate. Braised Beef: In the same way this wine seems to melt in your mouth, a slow cooked or braised beef is a great pairing. Stews: Duck, lamb and veal stews are matched by this big Shiraz. Gamey meat Pasta Sauces: A ragu and a glass of the Harry Scotts Shiraz is our favourite pairing.